Thursday, October 13, 2011

Virginia is for Lovers

Sunday morning 6 of us woke up early and hit the road. We rented a car and headed to Charlottesville, Virginia for the long weekend. A girl in our group, Anne, has friends in Charlottesville that kindly opened their house to us for the night. It took us about 3 hours to get there in our rockin mini van. We headed to church first where they had a fabulous munch and mingle complete with a full spaghetti meal. After church we went to the University of Virginia campus. This campus was designed, built, employed, and founded by Thomas Jefferson. It was gorgeous.

Thomas Jefferson at University of Virginia

Family for a weekend


After campus we headed to Anne's friends for dinner. The girls stayed at a neighbor's house so we went up there and met the sweet Waite family that opened their home to us. The boys went to watch football while the girls watched 27 Dresses. It was probably one of the best nights sleep I have had since being in DC.

Couple's Vacay...JK

We woke up bright and early the next morning and headed to Monticello. This is Thomas Jefferson's home. Many times through his presidency he said he would rather be in Monticello and I can understand why. It is a secluded home in the middle of the country surrounded by mountains and trees everywhere. He designed the house full of 21 rooms and 3 levels plus his own vegetable garden. I quickly fell in love with this beautiful home.

Thomas Jefferson's Grave

After Monticello we headed to lunch at Panera Bread a restaurant that they seem to have everywhere but Utah. It was quite delicious it was like Paradise Bakery. The boys and Anne had met up with some people in the ward about attending a class at the Law school. This was definitely not how the rest of us wanted to spend the afternoon so we headed to downtown Charlottesville for shopping. It is such a great town. If I marry someone that wants to attend Law school I would move to Charlottesville in a second.

The boys went to class and the girls did this...

We jumped back in our van and headed for the city. The drive was great with all the countryside and fall leaves. I am so happy I saw so much scenery this weekend. I finally know what everyone is talking about when they say back east is the best in the fall. I am in love.

Thomas Jefferson died July 4th 1826, 2 hours later John Adams died.

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