Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Breath Before Graduation

I have three weeks left of school, not just for the semester but for life (I hope)! I have to keep telling myself this to help get me through each week. Papers, presentations, daily assignments, and tests are all on my mind. At the same time I have work, a piano recital, I am planning Young Women's camp for the summer, and trying to figure out what I will be doing for work this summer! So you could say there is a lot going on in my mind but the overwhelming thought is "only 3 more Tuesday's" and then life gets much easier! So here is what I am focusing on:

The mediating needs some work, and I have planned about 15 trips just in the past week! This is what I will be working on for the next 3 weeks, and I am betting I will finish school as one happy girl!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Long Overdue Post

There has been a lot going on in the Claflin household the past month. We went to Palm Springs for President's Day Weekend for a quick getaway to the sun. It was also Valentine's Day, we had a great time celebrating! We play tennis, hung by the pool, ate good food, and enjoyed a relaxing couple of days!

Daniel's cousin owns a sandwich shop in Palm Springs so we went and surprised her!

 Thursday nights have turned into our date night. It is the one night during the week that Daniel doesn't have work so we always try and take advantage! We were getting really into the Olympics so we decided to go practice our ice skating skills at the galavin center!

For the 5 years we have known each other we have never been skiing! We finally decided to get on the mountain. We went to Alta for the $5 after 3pm deal. We got there a little late and only made it for 2 runs but it was worth it and we had a blast!

The weather has been beautiful lately! We have had the last couple of Friday mornings off so we have taken advantage with tennis and bike rides!

 My darling husband brought me home these beautiful flowers the other night. Fresh flowers just might be my very favorite thing to have! We also inherited a new side table from Daniel's parents and found this darling lamp for it. The Schneider girls have started a new work out class called obsidian! It's a slideboard workout and we are loving it so far!

 When your parents anniversary is on St. Patrick's Day it is kind of required that you celebrate it and go all out. My mom had gotten us all our green outfits for the day. I made a full green dinner of shepherd's pie with green mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, and salad! For desert we topped it off with Mint Chocolate Chip shakes!

I promise I will start blogging more updates! Life is good and we just past our 4 months of marriage mark!