Thursday, September 12, 2013

A commuter lifestyle

I am officially commuting to Provo every day. I use to think people that did this were crazy and now I am one of them. It really hasn't been all that bad but today it got a whole lot better because I rode Frontrunner for the first time.
I was a big girl and got on the website to plan my trip. I drove to the station and literally had to sprint onto the train before it left and then I just got to sit back and relax. Did you know they have Internet on the train? Genus! 

I was the most stressed about finding the bus after getting off the train but as I walked off there were 3 buses all going to BYU, I just got to take my pick! I made it to class and felt so relived! No more tired driving or frustrating parking just a nice relaxing train ride!
I have always said the commute would be worth it but now my commute is worth it and pleasant! Definite score!


Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Perfect Weekend

We spent Labor Day in our favorite place this year. Sun Valley. For the past 20 years my mom has been going to the U.S Open with her family, this year they finally threw in the towel and decided not to go. So, it was one of the first years we were together as a family for Labor Day.

Bike rides, mini-golfing, wagon parade, ice show, movies, good food, trap shooting, tennis, and good company made for the perfect weekend to end summer on! 

Daniel decided to match everyone this trip:

Now, my world has completely changed as school started and I am making the commute to Provo everyday and keeping my job at KUED. Wish me luck!