Monday, May 2, 2011

Wizard Independence Day

Kings Cross Station Platform 9 3/4 is a must see in London especially for me. I have to credit my love of Harry Potter to my sister Kacey because she is the truest fan I know. She was the one that finally made me start reading the books when I was 12 and boy am I glad she did! Although the movies aren't as great as the books are they are still pretty good so I could not pass up the chance to see the scenes from the filming.
Unfortunately Kings Cross is under construction so platform 9 3/4 is not as legit as usual but it was good enough for me.

Next up was Diagon Alley what every person that knows Harry Potter dreams of seeing. Lucky for us it is Bank Holiday in England so everyone has closed down shop for the day making the little place that Diagon Alley was in a ghost town leaving the whole place to us. Which of course meant that we took way too many pictures making the day even more memorable. The them of pictures today was goofing off, we are already sick of the standard smiling pictures.
With our constant picture taking we got a little distracted...

Next up: The Leaky Cauldron
Sadly, it has been since painted blue that takes away from the melancholy black that is in the movie.
This wonderful gal was our tour guide for the day. She did all the research for us yesterday and mapped it all out while we were slacking. It was also her birthday today. Happy 19th Tiff!

Last up was Grimwald Place which is much different than what you think. It is just a random office building in the middle of nowhere so they definitely make some changes to it in the movie but we are thinking this big gap between the two sets of offices is where they brought 12 Grimwald Place out of.

The Harry Potter Crew.


Spending my day with Harry Potter is the best way I could think of to spend Wizard Independence Day. Don't you agree? We had an adventure today even getting lost a few times but that's what the best memories come from I think.

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