Sunday, October 18, 2009

Visitors in Laie

This past week was so much fun for Lohren and I because we had some friends from back home come visit for fall break! Stephanie, Nick, Muli, and Tanner were our guests for a whole week and we packed it with as much fun tourism things as possible!! We showed them our
favorite beach Waimea a couple times the waves got pretty big! We went into Honolulu and shopped till we dropped at the Ala Moana mall (but the girls could've kept going for hours!). It was great to have them for Lohren and I because we were finally able to get food outside of the cafeteria! From Pizza Bob's to the famous Ted's Bakery, it was an enjoyable week! We were so lucky and grateful that some of our friends came all the way over here to visit us!
Unfortunately, our classes were not put on hold with our friends coming to town. School is beginning to get harder with tests, quizzes, and projects being assigned for every class.
We are staying on top of our studies while still finding PLENTY of time for the beach and other island adventures! I went with some new
people and Sadie to Waimea Bay new people and Sadie to Waimea Bay, where we watched the gorgeous sunset and then went to Ted's for a cookie treat!
A big group of students went to the new movie Where The Wild Things Are in our little theater next door to campus. I am surprised I stayed awake after waking up at 5:30 am to take my friends to the airport, but I made it through! It was a great movie, a tear jerker near the end but we loved it.
There was an event called Food Fest at campus on Saturday night.
It felt like the entire island had come out to participate. There was food from all the different
BYUH cultural clubs and a benefit concert to raise money for the countries affected in the natural disasters. It was so much fun to experience a real Hawaiian event like that right on campus!
For now, life in paradise is still life in paradise! It just keeps getting better!

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