Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Kacey!

It was Kacey's birthday today, the big 20 and she got to celebrate it all the way over in London! It doesn't get better than that!
We had an eventful past weekend and besides the weather being cloudy and rainy, we made the most of it. Friday night there was a competition called So You Think You Can Sing, where other students were the contestants. They did a Michael Jackson tribute, and thanks to Daniel, I knew every word to every song (only because they were the top 10 hits)! My neighbor Megen sang Thriller and it was amazing!!
Saturday we woke up toanother cloudy/windy day here in Laie but that didn't stop us from
going to our favorite beach, waimea bay! We cliff jumped off a 25-30 foot cliff, with the boys showing off doing back
flips and the girls sticking to
screaming the entire way down.
Lohren and I also practiced our
handstands, and got pretty dang good at them, or at least we thought so! We tanned, explored, enjoyed watching the waves and then getting wiped out by the waves! Once it began to start raining pretty hard
we called it quits for the day and headed back home. We couldn't bare thinking of going back to the cafeteria food, so instead we stopped by an amazing burger
joint called Ted's Bakery and indulged the taste of real delicious food! Once we got back, it was another night of sitting on the
beach with our feet in the ocean!
Since it is October, Lohren and I had to make sure to celebrate the upcoming holiday, even though we don't have the changing leaves, cooler weather, and a new season to tell us, that yes it is actually fall! Our wonderful, thoughtful mothers each sent us packages full of decorations and treats. We are more than ready for Halloween!

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