Thursday, October 1, 2009

Life in Laie

After a tearful goodbye to the parents, it was time to start living the college life! That night we were able to go to the PCC and see the brand new night show, "Ha, the breath of life". It was amazing! It went to different places around the world and
showed a little bit of their culture. From right here in Hawaii to Figi to Samoa, we saw all different types of dancing and heard a variety in music, but it all followed the same story line. The fire dancers were definitely the highlight of the show, it was incredible what they could do!Classes began the next day, it was a little scary to walk into a classroom and not know anybody, but everyone is so friendly here, you make friends fast. My teachers are all from different places, New Zealand, Samoa, Hawaii, Tonga, and Asia. Each class begins with a prayer, many students choose to say the prayer in their native language which has been very interesting. Believe it or not we are actually studying and getting our homework done!

Here in the tropics the weather has proved to be even more unpredictable than Utah! It can go from cloudy to burning heat to rain in a matter of minutes! But we don't let the weather
bother us to much. We have been to the beach almost everyday whether it's for an hour or five. We can jump on our beach cruisers and ride
just a few minutes down the road to Hukilau and then on Saturdays we venture a little farther to Weimea or Sunset beach. Last Saturday we spent five hours at Waimea and then went to a little town called Haleiwa for dinner, snow cones, and surfing supplies for the boys. Everyday has proved to be a new
adventure, it just keeps getting better!

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