Thursday, September 12, 2013

A commuter lifestyle

I am officially commuting to Provo every day. I use to think people that did this were crazy and now I am one of them. It really hasn't been all that bad but today it got a whole lot better because I rode Frontrunner for the first time.
I was a big girl and got on the website to plan my trip. I drove to the station and literally had to sprint onto the train before it left and then I just got to sit back and relax. Did you know they have Internet on the train? Genus! 

I was the most stressed about finding the bus after getting off the train but as I walked off there were 3 buses all going to BYU, I just got to take my pick! I made it to class and felt so relived! No more tired driving or frustrating parking just a nice relaxing train ride!
I have always said the commute would be worth it but now my commute is worth it and pleasant! Definite score!


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