Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Powell Trip, A Bike Race, An Anniversary

We were finally able to return to our favorite vacation spot! Our family headed to Lake Powell with our cute cousins a couple weeks ago! As always, it was perfect! Perfect water for skiing and tandem skiing, boat rides, exploring, surfing, tubing, and delicious food made the trip pretty great! Aside from a horrible cold that hit the night we got there I still managed to have a great time!

Saints to Sinners is a bike race that Daniel and I participated in last year and we were so excited to do it again! Creighton Rider is a dear family friend that was diagnosed with ALS about 5 years ago. The bike ride is from Salt Lake to Las Vegas in relay form and all the entry fees are donated to research for ALS. Last year we had 2 teams of 10. This year we had 5 teams of 10! It was an incredibly emotional event this year and made for an inspiring couple of days!

Daniel and I celebrated 1 year of dating, 1 month of engagement, and 4 months till marriage all in one week! We were so busy during the week we weren't able to officially celebrate. On Monday we decided to make a date night and celebrate! We ate dinner at The Dodo and then went to the drive-in and saw Despicable Me. It was a fun way to celebrate such fun milestones! 


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  1. freakin cute girl!!! so I did this thing on my blog called the liebster award. It's kinda fun and I nominated you, so if you want to do it check it out!