Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Break from Life

After our engagement night we didn't have much time to recover. The next day my mom threw together a cute engagement party for our families since everyone was in town! It was a great way for our families to meet and get to know each other. After the party we had to pack and get ready for a 10-day trip!

Our trip began in Chico, California for Daniel's family reunion. His mom grew up in Chico with 13 siblings! This year would have been her mother's 100 birthday so they decided to get the family together to celebrate. It was overwhelming to say the least, but I loved getting to know the family I will be a part of in a few short months!

All the siblings with their Dad.

We love Harrison, one of Daniel's nephew's!

After the reunion, we headed to Lake Tahoe with Daniel's immediate family. We had an absolute blast! River-rafting down the Truckee river with water guns, beach days, paddle boarding, and a game of werewolf made for a great few days!

We got home the night before the Fourth of July did some laundry and were off to Sun Valley the next morning to meet up with my family. For those that don't know us, you could say we are just a tad patriotic! We love the Fourth and had such a great time celebrating in Sun Valley. We played croquet, racket ball, volleyball, ping pong, mini golf, took walks on fairway road and saw a couple of movies!

It was a great break and we loved being able to soak up being engaged with our families! Now, we are on to the wedding plans!!


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  1. reading this just made me so, so, so happy.
    you two look so great.