Monday, February 6, 2012


Saturday night Meisha and I had a little date night at Weber State. Our favorite couple, Addison and Bre, were staring in the play Xanadu and of course we had to go see it! We met these two in London and they quickly became our best friends even though they are married. Bre was the leading lady in the play and she totally killed it. We also had the great opportunity of Addison dancing right in front of us. We didn't know he had it in them. They were so great and we loved being able to see them in their element! They are going to be great in the world of musical theater!

As you know it was my mom's birthday a week ago so tonight we were able to go out to dinner and celebrate with her whole family. My mom is one of the most patriotic people I know so I couldn't resist getting her an American flag. You can send a flag request in to your Congressman to fly an American flag over the United States Capitol. Luckily, I am still on good terms with my office so they made sure to have her flag flown on her birthday. You could say the gift was a success...she loved it!

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