Saturday, January 21, 2012

Star Gazing

Sundance Film Festival always creates a lot of hype around here. Facebook and Twitter pages blow up with everyone bragging about which celebrities they saw. Confession time...I am one of these people except I never have any celebrity sightings to brag about. But I love walking up and down main street searching for all of those celebrities that are supposedly there.

We got a group together and headed up to Park City for some dinner and celebrity hunting. Although our only claim to fame is walking past Justin from Wizard's of Waverley Place I would say the night was a success. The boys were especially happy when they met one of the missionaries from the Preach My Gospel videos. Leave it to the BYU kids to be excited about that right?

Thanks for the good times Sundance maybe next year I will finally get to meet one of the stars I spend so much time reading about!

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