Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year, New Home

Once again I have changed locations! Are you surprised? I am back in Provo living at an apartment with my friends and attempting to actually do school. Moving in this week has been quite the experience! Luckily I have my wing girl Lizzy to help me figure everything out or be with me as we attempt to figure everything out. After getting all of my stuff out of my car and into the apartment (I have a LOT of stuff) we started unpacking.
First up was trying to hang up the mirror in our hallway. The nails wouldn't stay and it was proving more difficult then we thought. Lizzy thought we should leave it hanging sideways making it abstract art. That wasn't happening. At one point Lizzy had to take the mirror away from me because I was getting so frustrated. This was our last attempt:
Fortunately we had some boys come over later that night and got the mirror all fixed up for us.
Next, was trying to fix my desk chair. It was pretty much built for a 5 year old so we tried to raise it up which led to the chair breaking into two pieces.

This is pretty much a very typical Lizzy/Carli situation.

Finally after a day and a half of unpacking, shopping, and hanging things up I had a room to call my own, a first for me in college life!

I got a new chair that my great friend Trevor came and fixed up for me, put cynder blocks under my bed by myself, adding the last touches my room is complete! School has started, books have been bought and the new year is on its way! Wish me luck!

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