Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Last Run

To finish off my time in DC I made sure to do one last run of the monuments. The national mall is where I spent most of my time when training for my half-marathon and it became one of my favorite parts of DC. But before we get to that there were a few things that made my last week so great.
There was a Redskins game and even though they lost it was a blast! My first NFL game! Ice skating, seeing Christmas trees, and eating at all the restaurants I hadn't been to yet!

My office threw me a great going away party with customized Sprinkles cupcakes and a beautiful picture of the Capitol signed by everyone!

After staying up late all week and checking things off our list I woke up early Friday morning and went running. It was nice to run the mall on a Friday morning when everyone is at work because it was pretty much deserted. It was a beautiful morning and a great run!

After running I checked out of my room and went for one last meal in Georgetown with Sean, Trevor, and Jason before catching our shuttle to the airport. I was sad to leave DC but it has been so great being home! It is definitely an adjustment but a good one. And it's not like I won't be going back to visit right?


  1. What a wonderful adventure! But I am so glad you're home! Now Meisha, you, addi and I will all have to play this break! YES?? Please call me-we'll figure something out. (435)640-7247

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