Sunday, May 15, 2011

Two Peas in a Pod

Once upon a time there were two girls that grew up in Salt Lake. They went to rival high schools (highland and skyline) and lived only 10 minutes away from each other. They had been introduced briefly by a mutual friend during high school and a few years later found themselves together in a prep class for a study abroad in London. These two recognized each other from the past and quickly began discussing plane flights and the idea of being roommates. Two months later they were on a plane to London together and pretty much talked for the whole 8 hour ride. Little did they know they would become the best of friends.
First night in London

One of the girls dreamed of seeing the Royal Wedding and knew the only way to see anything would be to camp out and the other girl jumped right on board!

Soon they found that they liked much of the same things when it comes to food. Date nights and making meals are a regular occurrence but nothing makes them happier than peanut butter.

Every activity is planned with each other and the few days they have been separated in the last 3 weeks have caused separation anxiety for both the girls. So they have decided it is better to stick together

The two girls quickly moved out of the getting-to-know-you stage and onto more serious conversations. Both already feel apart of each other's families and stay up in the night talking about all the funny stories they have. But the thing these two girls do the most is laugh and laugh and laugh which tends to make them do some pretty funny things together.

Revisiting childhood at Hemley's Toy Store

Trying to imitate the theater faces on the door handles


The Lollypops were huge!

They have more fun than two girls should be allowed to have especially in London. And they can always count on each other for help out of sticky situations

Like when one girl's hair gets caught on her jacket and she can't get it out...

Already they are making plans for the summer and visits to DC in the fall when one of them leaves for an internship. There is an ongoing list being made of movies and activities they must do together. They keep saying how funny it is that is took an ocean for the two of them to become friends.

Already the two girls are shopping for the same things and buying matching shoes!

As you can see this story ends with a very happy ending. The list of stories and memories goes on and on and they still have 4 weeks to go!

So if you are wondering who the girl is that stars in all my pictures and blog posts her name is Meisha and she is the greatest gal around.

Until next time this is how we will be living...

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