Saturday, May 14, 2011

Got My Toes in the Water

Nothing makes me happier than the sight of this...

Put me on a beach with an ocean and I am one happy girl. On friday we had a completely free day so we hurried and planned a trip to Brighton. It was a 50 minute train ride followed by a 10 minute walk so it wasn't bad at all. The weather was great we had sunshine and a little bit of wind. For some reason the beach always rejuvenates me and makes me so happy. No wonder I went to BYU Hawaii.

It felt so nice to dip my toes in the ocean again. We had such a great day at Brighton. There was no sand so the beach was full of rocks but it was still beautiful. The pier was so much fun. It is what Coney Island was based off of. It had all sorts of rides and restaurants. Of course we had to have Fish n' Chips!

The serving was huge so Meisha and I split one.

On our walk to the pier

We decided to be a little spontaneous when we saw this ride...

You have four people on each end and then it rotates like a windmill while turning you upside down. A group of us really wanted to go so finally we looked at each other and said "When in London...'

I started getting really nervous when we were at the top waiting for the other group to get on and then the ride started and I could not stop laughing. None of us could scream because we were laughing so hard. It was so worth it and such a good memory.

Then we went to a Royal Pavilion. It is an Indian designed palace type deal that Queen Victoria sold to the city of Brighton for 1 pound because she didn't like it.

Ellen and I

We headed home around 7:00 after walking all down the coast line and back plus a little shopping. All of the stores were beach themed and it seems that the color of the summer is white. I guess I have to jump on that fashion train!
 It was such a great day and so nice to get out of the city and into fresher air. We loved it!

Until next time, this is where I will be...


  1. Ahhh this looks like so much fun! I'm glad it was worth it! That ride looks amazing.