Sunday, March 21, 2010

Free Falling

This past weekend was extra special because we had visitors from Utah. The Richardson Family came for the weekend before they headed off to a weekend in Maui. It was so much fun to have Maile with us for a couple days. We loved just hanging out with her and hearing about everything going on at home. On Friday we took her to Waimea Bay and then that night we went to dinner with her family in Haleiwa. Even though it wasn't our own families here, it was so nice to go out with a family and to have people checking up on us. After dinner, Lohren and I headed home and met up with Garrett and Egan for a late night adventure. We went into the woods a little bit and found a rope swing. We had to climb up a tree and then just put one foot in the loop and off we went. Except it wasn't as easy as it sounds.
Lohren and I were definitely nervous when it came to pushing off the tree but even more nervous about getting down after. Garrett and Egan made it look simple, but when it proved to be much more difficult for us, luckily we had the boys there to help us. I was laughing so hard when it was my turn, I couldn't gain control of myself, haha. It was such a blast. Then we headed back to campus, sat in the car and chatted about life for 2 hours. I am so glad that the four of us all live so close to each other in SLC, so after we leave here we can still see each other and hang out all the time.
On Saturday, we slept in a little later than usual, we were tired after our late night out. We finally got going and headed to Turtle Bay beach with Kelsey and Jess to try to find some sun. It ended up being a beautiful afternoon, it felt so good. Afterwards, Lohren and I headed into town to meet up with the Richardson's one last time before they left. First, we went on a little date with each other and went out to dinner and then did a little shopping. We then went and found Maile and were with them for about an hour before we made the long drive home. There was a birthday party going on and one of the off-campus houses, so we decided to head over there when we got back. It turned out to be a lot of fun. We were actually some of the last people to leave at about 1:30. There were a ton of people there so it was fun to go socialize and just hang out.

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