Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sunshine Warms the Soul

For the first time in about a month, we woke up to blue sky and sunshine. My morning class could not be over soon enough! I was itching to get out of that musty classroom and into the fresh ocean breeze. Lohren and I got in our suits and headed down the road to a beach we had only been to once before. 
It was beautiful. You know the feeling when you feel the heat from the sun on your body and it literally feels like it reaches into your soul? That's what it felt like today. We laid in the sun for awhile and then walked the beach writing in the sand and taking pictures. 
Now, seriously I am not trying to brag, even though it probably seems like it since it was snowing in Utah today, but today it really hit home how soon the beach won't be an option for us at all. Although, I am ready for the semester to wrap up and am so excited to get home and be with everyone again, I am also getting sad to leave. I wouldn't trade this year for anything, it has been one of the best experiences of my life!

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