Sunday, March 28, 2010

Scuba Diving

It was an early morning on Saturday. I was up at 5:00 am, getting dressed and ready to go scuba diving. Since I have been certified, I joined scuba club about a week ago so I could go on a dive with Garrett and Egan got certified through the club. We headed to the dive shop with two other guys from the club, met with our dive instructors and then were off to the boat. We had to drive about an hour, to the west side of the island, and then we unpacked, got on our wet suits and hopped in the boat. Our first dive was about 90 ft. down and a ship wreck called the Mahi. It was amazing. It was such a nice day and the visibility was perfect. We saw all sorts of fish, a bunch of eels, and a couple eel rays.
After we were back on the boat, we had a little snack, tried to warm up in the sun a little bit and then started getting ready for the next dive. This dive was 70-75 ft. it was another ship wreck called the LCU. This one was bigger than the first, we saw this massive turtle hiding in the ship, and Egan was lucky enough to see a white tip reef shark about 5 ft. Both dives, were great, I hadn't dove for a couple years so it was so much fun to do it again! We all had such a good time.
After, we were exhausted and hungry so we headed to lunch and then the boys went to meet up with Garrett's mom at Turtle Bay and I met up with the girls. We ended up going back to Turtle Bay where I immediately passed out I was so tired. That night we went and saw How To Train Your Dragon in 3D. I recommend all of you going to see it. We loved it!

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