Sunday, March 28, 2010

Prince Kuhio Day

Thanks to this Prince Kuhio, we didn't have school on Friday! To celebrate, we decided to pull out the tent one last time on Thursday night. We wanted a legit campsite this time,  but after driving around for a half hour only to find that you needed a permit for each one, we headed to the 7th hole on Kahuku golf course. We had heard of this as a camp site but none of us knew how to find it, after calling some people we finally figured it out. We had to cross through the golf course and then onto the beach where we found a secluded little area. It was so much fun! It was Egan, Garrett, Kelsey, Jess, Lohren, and I.
We just sat around talking and laughing, Lohren, Garrett, and I were the sole survivors up till about 3:00 am. We woke up at about 9, packed up and then started heading back to the car. It was a sight to see! 6 college students, sprinting across the golf course, with pillows, backpacks, and a tent, trying to get avoid being hit by golf balls or caught by the people in charge.
After we safely made it across, we went home, and the girls headed for a full beach day at Turtle Bay. It has been so sunny lately so we've had to take advantage. That night we headed to Sunset beach to watch the sunset and then to Ted's Bakery for a delicious dinner. Thank you Prince Kuhio!

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