Friday, March 12, 2010

Penny For Your Thoughts

I realize that lately l this blog hasn't necessarily been about my adventures in Hawaii. But the past few days I have quit being a facebook stalker and began being a blog stalker haha. I love to read people's blogs and find out the highlights of their day, or funny stories that happened to them, or just random thoughts they have had. So I decided to take a page out of their books. I have come to love quotes. There is a quote for every event and every emotion in your life. This is one I recently found from nothing other than Winnie the Pooh. I loved it because I think it is something we all wish for everyone in our lives...

"This is my wish for you: COMFORT on difficult days, SMILES when sadness intrudes, RAINBOWS to follow the clouds, LAUGHTER to kiss your lips, SUNSETS to warm your heart, HUGS when spirits sag, BEAUTY for your eyes to see, FRIENDSHIPS to brighten your being, FAITH so that you can believe, CONFIDENCE for when you doubt, COURAGE to know yourself, PATIENCE to accept the truth, LOVE to complete life."

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