Monday, December 7, 2009

Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day

I was so excited for Thanksgiving because my family was coming to see me! My mom's parents and her sister's family all came for the visit, the only person we were missing was Kacey. My grandparents and cousins came a couple days earlier than my family and I was able to go meet up with them at the PCC. It was so much fun because even though it is right next door to me, we never go venture over there and see all the fun things it has. After eating dinner at the delicious luau, I had to leave them to go study for a test I had to take the next day.
On wednesday I dropped off Lohren and Sadie at the airport, they were taking off to Maui for the holiday, and then headed straight to the hotel I would be staying at. My family hadn't landed yet, so I checked in the room for us and spent the afternoon with the cousins on the beach, and got a nice relaxing nap in (thanks Grandma)! My dad called when they landed and it felt like forever before they finally made it to the hotel, I was so happy to be with them again.
That night we went and saw New Moon for the second time ha we can't get enough of those vampires and werewolves!

On Thanksgiving my dad and I woke up at 6:30 got in the car and drove up to campus to pick up Landon, we were going skydiving!! I was nervous, my dad was very nervous, and Landon was just pumped. We kept laughing at my dad because he was asking every question known to man, he was very concerned about Landon and I making it down safely, (Landon more than me). We met the guys we would be going with and were soon all hooked up.

As soon as the plane took off the butterflies grew in my stomach, but once I was securely attached to my partner I felt going out of the plane backwards, yelling with excitement. I was next. My partner asked if I was ready, I told him yes, then switched to no, and then just told him to go and the next thing I know I was doing front flips out of a plane! My dad went last and the first thing he asked when his parachute went up was where Landon and I were, and then after he knew we were safe, I think he began to enjoy it! 

It was about a 7,000 foot free-fall before they pulled the parachutes. I have to say, bungie jumping was so much scarier than this, I never had the sensation of falling when I was skydiving. It was definitely a big adrenaline rush, I loved every minute, and the scenery was incredible! We had a big group coming down from campus for dinner so Landon just came back to the hotel with us after skydiving and we spent the day entertaining the little cousins at the beach! 

We had Egan, Garrett, Walker, Kelsey, Jess, and Landon for Thanksgiving dinner with us and I was so excited for my family to meet my friends. The dinner was amazing, especially for us who have been stuck with cafeteria food for so long, and we did the traditional say what you are thankful for to end the dinner. Afterwards, my friends and I went down to the pool to do a little hottubing before they took off to their hotel in Waikiki. It was a great Thanksgiving day!!
The rest of the weekend was full of relaxing by the beach and catching some serious tanning rays. It felt so nice to finally have the sun for a full 5 days with no rain or clouds.

The last day my friends came back to hang out after they checked out of their hotel. We played in the pool, went on the water slide, and had an intense game of fly's up. We all went to Outback Steakhouse before my family had to catch their plane. After the tearful goodbyes my family was off to the airport. Thanks for a great weekend mom and dad!

It has been one of the nicer weeks, weather wise, we have had here on campus in a while and us girls took full advantage of it. We went to the beach just about everyday and were also able to go to the surf competition going on down at the famous Sunset Beach. The waves have gotten so big over here that they actually had to cancel it one day because the waves were too big. It has been insane to watch.

Kahuku high school in Laie made it to the State championship football game! It was a HUGE deal with banners and signs lining the road all along the north shore towards Honolulu. Lohren heard about it and pulled the gang together to go, we were so excited to be able to see a high school football game! The game was at Aloha Stadium which was almost full of people. It was wild to see how many people had turned out for a high school game, but it made it so much more fun! Unfortunately, Kahuku lost 34-21, but other than that we had a fabulous time!

Yesterday was one of the funnest beach days we have had. We woke up early, got sack lunches at the caf, and were on the road at 10:30 to go to a new beach called Kailua, it was gorgeous! Kelsey, Jess, and I had inner-tubes and Lohren had a big raft, we went and sunbathed on them in the ocean and then the boys took over and we ended up just playing with them the whole time. One of the best purchases we have made here!

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