Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Endings of Summer (and everything inbetween)

Our favorite tradition the past few years has been the 4th of July in Sun Valley and this year did not disappoint! We went on bike rides, ate good food and were patriotic in every way! There is nothing quite like the Schneider's on the 4th of July! We love our weekends spent in our home away from home!
It wouldn't be summer without a few trips to Lake Powell. We did our annual Memorial Day trip with the Mulcock's and then for the 24th of July we took the entire Claflin clan down. Our Claflin family trip to Bear Lake was cancelled so we thought what better way to make up for it than Lake Powell? It was a complete success and one of my favorite weekends of the summer. I loved having both my families together, it was magical! Our last Lake Powell trip was a couple weeks ago with a group of mine and Kacey's friends. It is always a trip we look forward too. Full of paddle boards, trick ski's, mexican train, and lots of laughs!
We made a big addition to our little family this summer. Daniel has been begging for a dog since we got married. I don't know how it happened but I finally caved. There is a company in Provo called Puppies for Rent, I saw the most darling puppy on there and just had to have him. We rented him for an afternoon and were in love. We applied to adopt him and were so excited when they told us he was ours. We changed his name from Clint to Bauer. Yes, after Jack Bauer. Those who know us well know how much we love 24 and Jack Bauer! He has been the perfect little addition and we just adore him!
It wouldn't be Summer without our Saints to Sinners bike ride! It is the thing we look forward to most! We had 70 people as Creighton Riders this year! It was such a blast doing it with my parents again. We love the atmosphere of it and of course the cause! We are always rooting for Creighton in his fight against ALS!

It has been a busy summer when it comes to showering friends. My best friend Meisha who I went to London with got married in August to her dream guy! It was a beautiful backyard wedding and such a party! It is always fun to be a part of friends weddings and the celebrations! My best friend from high school is having a baby next week! I can't believe it but am so glad I was able to help with throwing her a shower. It was so much fun to do a baby shower and go shopping for darling little girl clothes. I can't wait for baby Mitchell to come!
The summer came to a great end with Labor Day weekend spent in Sun Valley. My parents and Daniel did a 60 mile bike ride to Galena Summit, a bucket list of my Dad's. We relaxed, watched the US Open, took care of 3 crazy dogs and had fun! No better way to finish off a fabulous summer!


  1. Carli, your summer sounds like it was so fun and your puppy is too cute!

  2. Carli!!! Can I come play with your puppy??? He is soooooo cute!! Meisha looks so gorgeous!!!