Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Wedding, A Honeymoon, A First Christmas, and More!

It has been 3 weeks since our wedding day and it was the most perfect day! We were lucky because we truly got to enjoy our day. The temple was incredible and although it was incredibly windy I could not have been happier. We got back to Salt Lake and were able to sit and eat lunch, get to my hair appointment, and then make it to the Country Club with plenty of time to take everything in! The wedding I had been dreaming about my entire life and planning for the past 5 months had become a reality! I would not have changed one thing about my day. Thank you to everyone who contributed and helped with putting it all together and of course thank you to everyone who came and made it a party!

It was off to New York for me and Daniel! We spent Sunday getting massages, relaxing and seeing Hunger Games before we headed to the airport! Although it was freezing in New York we had the best time. There was something magical about exploring a new city together. We would leave the hotel in the morning and just start walking till we found something we wanted to do or see. We went to Lion King, Newsies, and the Rockette's Christmas show, ate some great food, did every tourist attraction there was, saw the Thanksgiving day parade, and finished our last night off with dinner at a revolving restaurant over looking the city. We came home and thought Salt Lake looked pretty plain in the Christmas decoration department after seeing New York all lit up!

 I always wanted to get married in the summer but I think we did it at the perfect time. It has been great being thrown into our first Christmas together! We have decorated our apartment, gotten a Christmas tree, and done all the other Christmas festivities! It seems like we've been married for longer than 3 weeks but at the same time it is still all new. I still love cooking dinner and making Daniel lunches for school, everyone is just waiting for that to wear off! We would say that life is pretty great for the Claflin's right now! And in 10 days we will be on the beach in Hawaii celebrating Christmas with my family and getting a 2nd warm honeymoon!

Merry Christmas!


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  1. Ahhh! It looks like such a beautiful day! Congratulations you two-marriage is the BEST :)