Friday, June 7, 2013

A Reunion, A recital, A round of golf

Summer has been treating me well, very well. Last weekend one of my good friends got married and it could have been considered a high school reunion. We hate that it takes a wedding to get us all together but we definitely took advantage of it! What's better then dancing with all your best friends and then ending the night with a Hire's shake?

Lucky for us her husband and my boyfriend were at work so we got to be each other's dates for the night! It had been way too long since we've done that!

My piano teacher has an honor's recital every year for sophomore age and older. This year I was able to play a piece I have dreamed about playing for about 6 years now. We took our favorite parts of Rhapsody in Blue and put them together to make one awesome song! I have the best family, boyfriend, and his cute parents to come and watch!

Daniel and I decided to do a little spontaneous date night to Boondocks. We just laughed and laughed and laughed. It was fun to get out and do something and to be together just the two of us. Work has taken over our lives a little bit this week so it is nice to enjoy the time we do have together! I recommend boondocks to anyone looking for a good date night. Mini golf, go karts, and arcade games is all it takes for us to have a good time!

A mission companion's wedding

I got 2 holes in one!!!!


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