Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day

This was my first Valentine's Day as part of a couple and it was a lot of fun! In past years it has always been me and my friends throwing brownie parties or something of the sort for all the other single people we knew. But this year I got a valentine and he did a very good job!

He made dinner reservations at La Jolla Groves and even though it was so crowded that we had to wait an extra 45 min. to be seated we had a great time. The food was well worth the wait and it was fun for us to go out to a fancy dinner like that. Afterwards we came back to my apartment and watched the Valentine's episode of Modern Family. It was the perfect way to finish off such a great night!
Daniel also gave me these gorgeous flowers! I left for California the next day but I took them home for my mom to enjoy and she sent me daily pictures of them so I was still able to appreciate them!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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