Monday, December 3, 2012

Tis' the Season

December has officially started and that means all the festivities can finally begin! It is only the 3rd and I have already covered a lot of ground. Kacey and Ann have a tradition of sending out an apartment christmas card and I am so happy I was in it this year along with Lizzy who is leaving us and Lohren who we are welcoming with much excitement!

Here is one of the many shots that were taken

My parents go to the Festival of Trees and this year I wanted to join in on the tradition. Wednesday nights I am in Salt Lake and it has become our date night with Joe and Allison so off to the festival we went. We loved looking at all the trees and gingerbread houses, they are really impressive!

Saturday night our apartment officially kicked off the holiday season with a gingerbread party. We decorated little gingerbread men to be us or in my and Daniel's case we decorated completely randomly.

And here is our official Christmas Card:

Merry Christmas from Kacer, Lo, Annerz, Car, and Mrs. Mitchell!


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