Monday, November 26, 2012

A Happy Turkey Day!

This year I spent Thanksgiving in New Mexico. I had never been and was excited to see a new place. Daniel's sister and her darling family live there so we drove a nice 10 hours to spend the week with them! We had such a great time! Thanksgiving dinner was delicious as always and we ate leftovers for days!
A little Thanksgiving Twister

We traveled to Santa Fe and fell in love with that town. It was such a cool place to see. Everything was very Native American and there were all these cool little shops and boutiques. They were having a Christmas tree lighting that night in the town square so there were luminaries lining the streets.

Santa Fe

Most of all it was a nice, relaxing weekend which is exactly what I needed! It is always a great experience to try new things and new traditions. Hope you all had a fabulous turkey day as well!


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  1. Okay, this looks like a blast. And you look so cute. We need to pick up our last conversation. Miss you.