Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I survived through finals week and have moved back home. It is always nice to be done with school and not have to worry about tests, papers, homework, or grades. Finals week consisted of drinking way to much diet coke, goodbye dinners, and a celebratory slumber party in the living room.

Unfortunately, I did not get much time off. Last weekend consisted of the State Convention where I had to help set up the day before. It was insane. People fighting for spots for their signs and throwing things all over. We finished the day off saying goodbye to our friends who moved to California for summer sales.

An even longer day came Saturday. It was a 6:00 am wake up call to run the Salt Lake Half-Marathon. I finished and headed straight to the convention to hear the votes and speeches. My guy, Jason Buck, didn't win but it was a very good learning experience.

Finally some relaxation came after the weekend. My parents and Kacey have been out of town so Lizzy has been my babysitter. We laid by the pool and shopped at City Creek. I also got to go to the Jazz game and see them get into the playoffs!

Summer is starting!


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  1. you are so darling. i am jealous you ran the half marathon, i wish i could do that!