Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Memory Lane

I have to take a moment to revisit my time at BYU-Hawaii. The reason I am doing this is because my best friend and roommate Lohren Merrill has just moved to Provo. It will be the first time since being at BYU-Hawaii that we will be living in the same city and I could not be more excited about it! We did everything; surf competitions, spontaneous drives around the island, hours spent in Waikiki, learning the hoe-down throw down from the Hannah Montana movie, every movie that came out, buying a tent to camp on the beach, hikes, never sleeping or sleeping too much, beach beach and more beach, and of course staying up till 3 am during finals week to rap to Aaron Carter.

First day on Campus

Our typical transportation

Let the camping adventures begin with matching sweatshirts!

I don't think we could count how many movies we went too!

The best crew!

Halloween in Waikiki

Birthday's were celebrated!

The Awesome Foursome

 Hawaii was my first real adventure away from home. It is the reason I have been able to go and experience so many other adventures. I love the time I spent in Hawaii and the people I met! But the best part about it was spending it with my best friend and now we are finally reunited!

And by far the best picture taken of the year!

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