Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Last weekend after the tree lighting we decided to go back and get a closer look! Of course we had to have ourselves a little adventure first. We walked or more like roamed around the city looking for a place to eat. You wouldn't think that would be difficult in a place like DC but when you have 5 people all wanting different things it can create some problems. We finally settled on Chipotle. Real original right? The best part is we walked a good half hour to eat there when we have one 5 minutes away from our house. Good times!

After dinner we were going to go ice skating but they were sold out for the night so instead we made our way to the White House. I never tire of the view in DC. The National Mall all lit up is one of my favorite things especially when it is Christmas themed!

Our Utah Tree

We wanted to go say hi to the Obama's but this is as close as we could get!

The Christmas music has been playing on my computer for the past couple weeks! We are trying to see all the that DC Christmas has to offer before we leave! Let the Christmas cheer begin! 

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