Saturday, May 28, 2011

Never Never Land

Our flat is right across the street from Hyde Park. This has been one of my favorite things while living in London. We are able to go across the street for a run, a walk on a lazy day, Sunday strolls, games, and tea parties.

Hyde Park is full of all sorts of memorials to different people like Princess Diana, King Albert and so on. The trick is finding your way to these memorials without getting lost and all turned around.

Princess Diana Memorial

King Albert

And of course Peter Pan
The creator of Peter Pan placed this statue in Hyde Park in the middle of the night so that the children would think it just appeared. He wanted to keep the magic of Peter Pan alive.

We have had a few birthday's in our group while being in London so we decided to celebrate them all at once with a tea party in Hyde Park. It was right before travel week so everyone brought all of their extra food to share with the group.
The Birthday crew

Our delicious spread

It was my first time trying tea and after adding a good amount of sugar I quite enjoyed it!

One of the boys was really smart and brought a frisbee over with him so we planned a game of Ultimate frisbee one morning. This was so much fun it was a great way to wake up and get outside for some exercise.
The frisbee group

Pre-game pictures:
Team 1

Team 2

Post-game pictures:
They look pretty happy considering...

that this wonderful team one!

We are down to the two week countdown so we are trying to take advantage of every second we have. We have found there is no other place we would rather spend most our time than in this beautiful park!
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