Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome July!

Can you believe that June is almost over? I spent so much time dreading this month and now it has already come and gone!

It is a new month and so I am changing some things in my life. I guess it's kind of like making New Year resolutions but in July instead of January. Except I am going to call it my Happy List because I have so many reasons to happy and it's about time I start taking advantage of them.

~Lake Powell, a place you can't help but be happy in

~One month marks

~~Patriotism. I love the month of July because it is full of patriotic music and fireworks!
~Old and new friends which also means getting on with life

~Getting determination and motivation

~Letters from unexpected friends and letters from best friends

~Being busy with work

~Pictures, I discovered that I love TAKING pictures of people and capturing moments

~Tennis Camp is coming up!! Pebble Beach here I come!


~Family Vacations, just got back from Powell and now we are heading to the Valley of the Sun

~Summertime-Swimming, Snow Cones, Drive-In movies, and lots of sun!

I am going to be sure to make July the most fun month of my summer!!

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